Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's all about the customer, the process and the product.

When I decided to upgrade to a very good banjo I had few options nearby so I had to do research on the internet. I was impressed by the fact that I could find nothing but glowing comments about Chuck and his banjos. He was professed to be a master craftsman and a wonderful individual to work with in terms of listening to what sort of sound and feel you want, what kind of woods and materials would lend themselves to that, and creating a final product that exceeded expectations.

The only complaint I have about my new Chuck Lee Custom Ovilla is that my playing level in no way extracts the potential of the banjo. Chuck exceeded expectations for the banjo and advice and service after the sale (I needed a little help with adjusting the action and was afraid I'd ruin it. He patiently walked me through the process and it was easy).

This particular banjo has a cherry neck and rim, renaissance head and heavy Moon bridge. It has a very nice tone with just enough plunk to arrive at the sound I was looking for.

I do not know why anyone would need look any further for a premium banjo than talking with Chuck. I assure you, you'll not be disappointed.

Jim Crumpley

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Custom 13" Chuck Lee Banjo.

Here's a fun project. Curly Maple neck, Scroll peg head, Pegheds tuners and a 13" x 3.5" x .25" Cherry rim. If a picture is worth a 1000 words, here's a little over 6000 words to say how much I liked this project.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Livin' a Dream & Makin' the world a better place, one Chuck Lee banjo at a time.

I recently traveled to Ovilla, Texas to pick up my Chuck Lee banjo, which was the culmination of a 45 year love affair with the 5 string banjo that began the first time I heard Earl Scruggs playing "Cumberland Gap". A store bought banjo served me well through college and Dental school as I enjoyed my efforts to sound like Scruggs and look like John Stewart. Then there was the 40 year gap of raising four kids and fixin' teeth, during which time I promised myself that one day I would treat myself to a "real" musical instrument . That day came by surprise in a magazine article about Chuck and his wonderful banjos. The deal was sealed for me when I learned that Bela Fleck chose Chuck to make a banjo for him. Dealing with Chuck has been a wonderful build up to finally getting the banjo in my hands, and to begin to play again. The process of selecting the woods and various components was a personalization process that led to an incredible product of "old world" craftsmanship that will undoubtedly be a family heirloom. Chuck is living the dream of enjoying his passion, and sharing the fruits of his amazing skill with others. Having a "Chuck Lee Banjo" is a source of tremendous pride for me.

Dr. C. D. "Mac" Taylor
Friendswood, Texas