Thursday, May 14, 2009

Goodbye, James Reed

We were saddened to receive the recent news that our good friend and gifted musician, James Reed, passed in an auto accident. Our family has known James for about 10 years. Our son Nate received his first mandolin lessons from him. James taught several of our children, and me as well, over the years. He was also a gracious and generous Chuck Lee Banjo owner. Additionally, he was a favorite shop visitor of Chuck's and a generous man--as evidenced by his buying expensive popcorn from our boyscout!

Here are links to his band, the Rainey Creek Ramblers, and a memorial from his work buddies at the VA, as well as his obituary.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Bonnie Lee, High School Graduate

We are Proud!

Bonnie is graduating from our home school this month with 38 concurrent college credits behind her. This is due to our state's program which allows High School students to attend college for credit while completing requirements.

She is heading for South Plains College this fall (where big brother Nate Lee has been studying). She expects to spend lots of time in the art department, but hopefully she'll get to know some of the excellent music teachers there as well.

In these photos she is shown holding her Chuck Lee tenor banjo and playing some fiddle, which was her first instrument.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Our #5 child, Johnny, just turned 14 yesterday. Here he is shown at his fencing class. (He's the one on the right). Johnny has also started a band; he's the lead electric guitar player. His guitar teacher says, "with a name like Johnny Lee, he's got to be good!" We think his teacher, Patrick DeZeeuw. of Harps of God, gets a lot of the credit.