Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kristi Dunks & Mountain Moongrass

Kristi Dunks of Mountain Moongrass plays two Chuck Lee banjos- one with frets and one without. Being a good banjo mother, she said that she “loves them both equally and makes sure to give them equivalent attention” in her playing. Kristi’s favorite banjo sounds are frailing and blues, and she said, “Both banjos do a stellar job. To tell you the truth, these two banjos satisfy my every banjo need!

Kristi plays banjo in Mountain Moongrass, a 6-piece string band from Butte, Montana. Their sound is an eclectic blend of country and bluegrass tunes, as well as a fun mix of originals. They enjoy playing both the old and the new, and reinterpreting songs as they see fit. Mountain Moongrass is a big fan of audience participation at their shows so you may find the crowd dancing, laughing, clapping, or singing. Featuring 33 strings and six voices, the players are Renee Bruce-fiddle, Jim Constantine-mandolin, Kristi Dunks-banjo, Timothy Mason-guitar, Maggie Lou Perkes-bass, and Mike Tierney-guitar/harmonica.
Check out these links to the band on Facebook, Twitter and their Website.

Kristi has a new Chuck Lee and commented as follows:
“Chuck’s banjos are an amazing combination of beautiful sound and exquisite artistry.Chuck isn’t too bad of a fellow either!”
Customers like Kristi are what banjo building is all about.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

John Les is Frailing in Great Britain & Beyond

John Les is a recent Chuck Lee owner. He lives in North Wales and plays with a duo called "Highly Strung". We enjoyed his comments:

"I am very pleased with bass end and tremendous volume of this banjo which I play with Elixir strings. I am equally delighted that I can frail and/or play with finger picks and the quality of the tone is undiminished. It's my banjo of choice which will accompany us all summer as we tour and play at the British festivals, with up and coming visits to France, Czech Republic and Ireland."

Les went on to tell us about his duo's 1999 tour in the US. "... we were privileged to enjoy a ten day tour with banjo player Tony Ellis and The Musicians of Braeburn starting in Columbus Music Hall, Ohio. Then a gig in Circleville Ohio, and onto Balsam Mountain Inn near Asheville, where we sang for our supper with Singer Songwriters Guild of Nashville. Traveling on to Lebanon County Cedar Park where we were made very welcome by Buddy Ingrams, eventually enjoying the highlight of visit we were honoured to spent a magical afternoon with much missed John Hartford."