Saturday, April 26, 2008

Chuck Lee Guitar Company. Who knows?

Chuck Lee guitars? Well, I hope so! I've been suggesting to Chuck that he should build some guitars for several years. And he has been pondering.

When a few weeks ago he started staying up most of the night studying guitars, and talking mysteriously of variations of "braces", "carbon graphite", and new and wondrous jigs, I knew it was getting closer. When he spent his 51st birthday, April 15th, fully immersed in the project, he was clearly "all over the top of it".

This picture shows two of the jigs he has labored over; they're for an OM sized guitar.

Would you believe he already has 6 or 8 people wanting one? Chuck says, "Let's see how the first one comes out". I believed in the banjos and I'm believing in the guitars as well.

James Reed & his Chuck Lee Cottonwood Banjo

This distinguished gentleman is James Reed, of Waco, Texas. James wanted something a little different, so here's his custom Cottonwood Vintage with mesquite fingerboard and peghead overlay. What beautiful wood! The neck and rim are made from Cherry. The hardware is all brass.

We've known James a long time. We first met him over 10 years ago, when he made "house calls" to give some of our family members music lessons. He was the first to inspire our Nate to play the mandolin.

We always enjoy a visit from James, who can play a number of instruments and also teaches and plays with various bands when not busy with his "day job" or family. He has taught several of us lessons. We are pleased that he now owns two Chuck Lee Banjos.

What's next? He has expressed interest in adding a Chuck Lee 17 fret Irish Tenor with resonator to his collection.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Time to ship banjos

This image in the shop tells us it's time to ship banjos! Our banjos ship to any of 12 U.S. music dealers, or to a customer who has ordered a custom. We love to have visitors in our shop, but unless they arrive on a day like the one shown above, they may be disappointed to find very few banjos to hold and see. However, at any time, there are 50 or more banjos in progress to be seen.